Welcome to Prime Prep Academy Charter School, the place where students come first. With a commitment to equipping young men and women for success in and out of the classroom, Prime Prep Academy is an upper echelon charter school that offers parents a viable alternative to traditional public schools.

You are invited to tour this site to find out how Prime Prep Academy Charter Schools can help change your child’s life through a unique, 21st century educational experience.

You are encouraged to e-mail your questions; as we understand the importance of parental involvement and the magnitude of the choice you are making by enrolling your children in our academy.

Finally, we challenge you to not to think outside the box, but to think about the box itself. Who made the box that we call primary and secondary education? Why has it been broken for so long? Who said we have to keep using the same old broken box? Who is bold enough to throw out the old box and make something different?

At Prime Prep Academy we have made something different and it works! We have a commitment to educating children with a passion and a skill set unlike any other. We have removed the “broken box” and replaced it with something special: an Academic Model that is uniquely focused on the most important aspect of education – your child!


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